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Coil Protective Coatings

Provide additional protection for your HVAC coils from harsh environments to prevent premature corrosion or damage. Our protective coatings help extend the life of your coils while maintaining optimal long-term performance.

*Available From Heresite & ElectroFin Products

Heresite Protective Coatings

Practically all types of finned tube coils used for oil, water, air, gas and process cooling (and heating), as well as large condensing coils can be HERESITE protected against damaging environments. The HERESITE coating of air-conditioning and industrial process coils exposed to corrosive fumes and salt atmosphere is on the increase, with many new applications being found.

The present day coating of finned tube coils with our P-413 plasticized brown baking phenolic coating is the result of many years experience during which time application equipment and procedures have been constantly improved. Today, enlarged facilities enable us to coat, on a routine basis, coils which do not exceed the following size and weight limitations.

Maximum Overall Dimensions = 204″ long x 84″ wide x 24″ deep

Maximum Weight Per Coil = 3500 pounds per coil (approximately)

NOTE: Larger coils can be HERESITE coated using special procedures

Technical Data:
Chemical Resistance – Baking phenolic coating will withstand exposure to practically all corrosive and chemical fumes with the exception of strong alkalies such as sodium hydroxide, strong oxidizing agents such as aqua regia and concentrations of bromine, chlorine, and fluorine in excess of 100 parts per million.

Temperature Resistance – Maximum temperature resistance is 400°F. However, baking phenolic coatings cannot be recommended for all chemical atmospheres at temperatures up to 400°F since corrosive activity and permeation may be greater at higher temperatures depending upon the chemicals involved. Excellent adhesion and flexibility enable HERESITE coating to withstand thermal shock. The lining will operate at sub zero temperatures without loss of chemical and mechanical properties.

Thermal Conductivity – The HERESITE baking phenoli coating is a good thermal conductor and its thermal conductivity is expressed as approximately 2000 B.T.U. per hour per square foot per degree Fahrenheit based on an average 3 mil coating thickness. The “K” factor = 6.0, coil manufacturers have indicated there is no need to add additional heating or cooling surface due to the presence of the HERESITE coating.

ElectroFin Protective Coatings

E-Coat Specifications:
Coil shall have a flexible epoxy polymer e-coat uniformly applied to all coil surface areas without material bridging between fins. Coating process shall ensure complete coil encapsulation and a uniform dry film thickness from 0.8 – 1.2 mil on all surface areas including fin edges. Superior hardness characteristics of 2H per ASTM D3363-92A and a cross-hatch adhesion of 4B-5B per ASTM B3359-93. Humidity and water immersion resistance shall be up to a minimum 1000 and 250 hours respectively (ASTM D2247-92 and ASTM D870-92). Corrosion durability shall be confirmed through testing to no less than 5,000 hours salt spray per ASTM B117-90.

Coils subjected to ultraviolet (UV) exposure shall receive a spray applied, UV-resistant polyurethane topcoat to prevent UV degradation of e-coat.

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