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Must Steam Coils Freeze?

A coil that is used to heat air with steam must be able to continuously change the state of the water vapor (steam) to a liquid condensate by removing from the ...

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How to Field Measure a Coil

First determine the type of coil: hot water, chill water, steam, DX, condenser 2 Stand in the air stream & determine the location of the supply & return ...

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How Do You Clean Coils?

If the coil is to deliver its full capacity, both its internal and its external surfaces must be clean. The tubes generally stay clean in pressurized water ...

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How to change hand of a water coil

When mistakes are made and the hands change, stay calm. You can make water coils work without making new coils. Temtrol determines left or right hand by ...

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Coil Product Warranty Info

View a specific product/brand name to review their standard terms, conditions, and warranty information relating to product coverage & responsibility. ...

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Temtrol Files & Brochures

View available Temtrol files, documents, and brochures to download with additional product information relating to coil replacements. ...

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