How Do You Clean Coils?

How do you clean coils?

If the coil is to deliver its full capacity, both its internal and its external surfaces must be clean. The tubes generally stay clean in pressurized water systems. Should large amounts of scale form when untreated water is used as coolant, chemical or mechanical cleaning of the internal surfaces at frequent intervals is necessary. Water coils should be completely drained if freezing conditions are possible. When coils use evaporating refrigerants, oil accumulation is possible, and occasional checking and oil drainage is desirable.

While outer tube surfaces can be cleaned in a number of ways, they are often washed with low pressure water and mild detergent. The surfaces can also be brushed and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. In cases of marked neglect – especially in restaurants, where grease and dirt have accumulated – it is sometimes necessary to remove the coils and wash off the accumulation with steam, compressed air and water, or hot water. The best practice, however is to inspect and service the filters frequently.

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