How to change hand of a water coil

How to change hand of a water coil

When mistakes are made and the hands change, stay calm. You can make water coils work without making new coils.

Temtrol determines left or right hand by looking at the entering air side of the coil, so the air is at your back. Temtrol coils are then designed and capacities are calculated based on counter-flow operation. By counter-flow operation we mean the movement of the water vs. the air flow. On cooling coils the coldest entering water enters the coil on the leaving air side (coldest air). Counter-flow is the most efficient way to operate water coils providing the maximum capacity per dollar. If a water coil were to be piped with reverse water flow, this is called parallel-flow. Parallel-flow will cause a decrease in the predicted capacity.

When you have the wrong hand coils pipe demonstrated in the illustration below. You will still have counter-flow operation which will maintain the predicted capacities. We do suggest adding a vent as shown to help evaluate the air.


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